Heather Dale West Yorkshire Therapist & Counsellor

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About Therapy

If you are reading this the chances are that you are looking for help with a difficulty in your life.

Whilst making that first step to contact a counsellor may be challenging, counselling can also be inspirational and motivational. I offer you the chance to talk in a neutral and non-judging environment, with the aim of making changes and moving on from stuck places in your life.

People often come to therapy not knowing what to expect, so our different expectations need to be explored in the early sessions. Part of getting the relationship right is in establishing the "therapeutic frame" in the first sessions. This is your chance to tell me what your hopes and fears may be.

Over a career that spans nearly 30 years I have worked with a large number of issues, including relationship difficulties, work-based issues, anxiety, bulimia, compulsive eating, gender issues, couples counselling amongst others.

I also offer on-line work, though I prefer to meet face-to-face at least once, first.

Fees: I currently (Oct 2016) charge £45 for a fifty minute session. From time to time there may be increases.

What happens after you contact me?

After you have contacted me I will suggest that we meet once, to decide whether we can work together. We will arrange a mutually convenient time (normally on a Monday or Tuesday). At that meeting, I will ask you a little about what you need and invite you to tell me some of your personal story. I will also tell you a little about myself and how I see us as working together.

If we agree to work together we would then meet regularly (usually once a week for the first few weeks, at least) in order to help you achieve your goals.